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Cathedral Santa Maria - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cathedral Santa Maria [Jun. 29th, 2017|12:56 pm]
Saturday 17 June: Cathedral Santa Maria, Ciudad Rodrigo

After the parade to cool down a bit we went to visit the Cathedral, it had a nice religious museum filled with icons, sadly no photos. The cathedral itself had some impressive carnival like decorations and some bling. Loved their bottom of pillars cheeky gargoyles.

 photo IMG_2964.jpg

 photo IMG_2958.jpg

 photo IMG_2960.jpg

 photo IMG_2961.jpg

 photo IMG_2965.jpg

 photo IMG_2966.jpg

 photo IMG_2967.jpg

 photo IMG_2968.jpg

 photo IMG_2969.jpg

 photo IMG_2970.jpg

 photo IMG_2971.jpg

 photo IMG_2973.jpg

 photo IMG_2975.jpg

 photo IMG_2976.jpg

 photo IMG_2977.jpg

 photo IMG_2978.jpg

 photo IMG_2979.jpg

 photo IMG_2980.jpg

 photo IMG_2981.jpg

 photo IMG_2983.jpg

 photo IMG_2984.jpg
men at rest
 photo IMG_2985.jpg