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Cuidad de Rodrigo - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cuidad de Rodrigo [Jun. 29th, 2017|12:31 pm]
Friday 16 June: Cuidad de rodrigo

Lazy morning before making our way to the airport to collect the car to drive to Cuidad de Rodrigo , about 3.30 hours drive through mountains and fields. We got a good deal as i had to cancel and rebook our rental the week before when we realised my name was as a the driver, luckily that meant it went for £40+ to £13 for a 4 days rental :) Also we went from booking a tiny 2 doors car to a 7 seaters  making fitting mega luggages a lot easier.

Joined the rest of the army in the main plaza for food that night ...gosh i think even hotter in Ciudad and no aircon or even a fan in our hotel room...but at least it at least drop to 35 degrees !!!!!!!!

 photo IMG_2898.jpg

 photo IMG_2900.jpg

 photo IMG_2901.jpg

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 photo IMG_2909.jpg