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Aquopolis [Jun. 28th, 2017|07:49 pm]
Thursday 15 June: Aquopolis

After two days of culture and 40+degrees we decided to forego anymore and have fun in water instead. Even for me it was a bit too hot sightseeing.
The water park was luckily opening that exact same day, it is about 1 hours from town centre ( a tube and a bus) .
That was the best idea ever, so much fun, lots of ride despite being a bit pricy . The one big problem was the floors were so hot it was really hard to get to the rides without shoes, walking bare feet is so so painful ,  the sand was so crazy hot too, simon got blister from it.
i tried wearing my crocs as much as possible but most section you just couldn't, especially climbing hot metal stairs...obviously spaniard have got harder feet than us and many knew the trick tiny flipflop you can wear around your arm down the slides!!!
Great park but gosh they were fussy, swimming top are not allowed so we had to used the suncream by the bucket on simon, swimming goggles were not allowed so simon couldn't see anything without his prescription ones (even in the wave pools) and my underwater camera got flooded :(but apart from that it was so so much fun and water was delicious and some good scary rides and fun ones and swam all day <3

We returned to Madrid exhausted and tanned..and i had a goth paella :)

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