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Madrid: The Lavapies Library - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Madrid: The Lavapies Library [Jun. 28th, 2017|06:33 pm]
 Wednesday 14 June: Madrid Last Entry : The Lavapies Library

All together a busy Wednesday sightseeing having visited the amazing Cerralbo museum, the Tarot Museum, the Reina Sophia museum, the Cathedral, the Debod Egyptian Temple, a food market, the mythological figures of Casa Panaderia, glanced at the gates of the Royal Palace, paddle in a fountain and popped to the goth shops...lucky the day are long in Spain :)
Of course I had to visit at least one library.
Sadly we didn't make it to the National Lib but at least we visited the Lavapies library as its visitor hours were 21-21.45 ! Spanish time !!! Built out of the ruins of the chapel of a religious school destroyed during the civil war. It was very beautiful and unusual and also in a very cool and different part of town (and very near our hotel)

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