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Cerralbo museum [Jun. 27th, 2017|03:15 pm]
Wednesday 14 June: Cerralbo museum

The Cerralbo museum/palace was described as the Sir John Soane museum with Spanish flavour , so we decided it was most likely the one for us to visit ❤ whoaa, we were not disappointed so many styles and collections in one place.
Each rooms was very different and gorgeous. Shame it was a bit of a rushed visit as it closes at 3pm...and they started to turn off all the lights at ten to so it was a bit annoying but the best 3 euro ever spent. It is the place i took the most photos as every rooms was so unique and roccoco overload ...we wanted to move in and it was nice and cool too compared to the 40+ outside

 photo IMG_2722.jpg

 photo IMG_2717.jpg

 photo IMG_2718.jpg

breathtaking entry

 photo IMG_2720.jpg

 photo IMG_2721.jpg

 photo IMG_2723.jpg

 photo IMG_2724.jpg

 photo IMG_2725.jpg

 photo IMG_2727.jpg

 photo IMG_2728.jpg

 photo IMG_2730.jpg

 photo IMG_2732.jpg
i wanted him

 photo IMG_2733.jpg

 photo IMG_2734.jpg

 photo IMG_2735.jpg

 photo IMG_2737.jpg

 photo IMG_2738.jpg

 photo IMG_2739.jpg

 photo IMG_2740.jpg

 photo IMG_2743.jpg

 photo IMG_2744.jpg

 photo IMG_2745.jpg

 photo IMG_2749.jpg

 photo IMG_2750.jpg

 photo IMG_2753.jpg

 photo IMG_2756.jpg

 photo IMG_2758.jpg

 photo IMG_2760.jpg

 photo IMG_2761.jpg

 photo IMG_2764.jpg

 photo IMG_2767.jpg

 photo IMG_2768.jpg

 photo IMG_2769.jpg

 photo IMG_2770.jpg

 photo IMG_2773.jpg

 photo IMG_2775.jpg

 photo IMG_2779.jpg

 photo IMG_2780.jpg


 photo IMG_2781.jpg

 photo IMG_2782.jpg

 photo IMG_2784.jpg

 photo IMG_2785.jpg

 photo IMG_2787.jpg