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Cathedral, Royal Palace and pretty buildings - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cathedral, Royal Palace and pretty buildings [Jun. 27th, 2017|06:16 pm]
Wednesday 14 June: Cathedral, Royal Palace and pretty buildings

After lunch we walked to the Cathedral district..
Almudena Cathedral, most beautiful colourful ceilings, apparently worth visiting the catacombs and we must next time

 photo IMG_2677.jpg

 photo IMG_2679.jpg

 photo IMG_2687.jpg

 photo IMG_2688.jpg

gold :)

 photo IMG_2689.jpg

 photo IMG_2690.jpg

 photo IMG_2691.jpg

 photo IMG_2692.jpg

 photo IMG_2694.jpg

unusual one that you can visit up the stairs

 photo IMG_2696.jpg

 photo IMG_2697.jpg

 photo IMG_2698.jpg

 photo IMG_2701.jpg

 photo IMG_2704.jpg

 photo IMG_2706.jpg

 photo IMG_2708.jpg

 photo IMG_2709.jpg

 photo IMG_2710.jpg

Royal Palace (you can also visit it and free on certain night) we sadly had to make choices and decided to do the museum cerralbo instead  and i think it was the right choice .

 photo IMG_2678.jpg

 photo IMG_2681.jpg

pretty buildings

 photo IMG_2712.jpg

 photo IMG_2713.jpg

loved this one but was not open to see inside

 photo IMG_2714.jpg

 photo IMG_2715.jpg