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Museum of Tarot, Casa de la Panaderia and food market - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Museum of Tarot, Casa de la Panaderia and food market [Jun. 27th, 2017|12:56 pm]
[Current Location |Madrid]

Wednesday 14 June:Museum of Tarot, Casa de la Panaderia and food market

when i research on what to visit i like to look for more unusual places, Madrid didn't have too many but this tickle my fancy.
Museum of Tarot, more an esoteric shop with a massive tarot collection on display. Still one most important in Europe, 2500 pieces. Sorry for the glass reflection. Lots of varieties, even a whole shelf in cat ones and lots by artists I love.
What do I end up buying in a tarot museum another witch but so pretty

first we had to have a churros, not a fan but it was love shaped and covered in honey..still too oily for my taste
 photo IMG_2615.jpg


 photo IMG_2654.jpg

 photo IMG_2616.jpg

 photo IMG_2618.jpg

 photo IMG_2620.jpg

 photo IMG_2621.jpg
 photo IMG_2622.jpg
 photo IMG_2623.jpg
 photo IMG_2624.jpg
 photo IMG_2625.jpg
 photo IMG_2626.jpg
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 photo IMG_2629.jpg
 photo IMG_2630.jpg
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 photo IMG_2633.jpg
 photo IMG_2634.jpg
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 photo IMG_2638.jpg
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 photo IMG_2648.jpg
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 photo IMG_2652.jpg
 photo IMG_2653.jpg

Casa de la Panaderia, Plaza Mayor. 

Nothing special as a plaza, mostly overpriced drinks and paying to have you photo in some flamenco outfits but i loved the frescoes, depicting mythological figures on that building, originally from 1914

 photo IMG_2656.jpg

 photo IMG_2659.jpg

 photo IMG_2660.jpg

 photo IMG_2661.jpg

 photo IMG_2662.jpg

 photo IMG_2663.jpg

 photo IMG_2664.jpg

 photo IMG_2665.jpg

Food market...all so attractive especially the kebabs of olives and they make sandwich inside guerkin..shame taps prices in madrid were so ridiculous. we found a little place doing 3 courses mneal, bread , water and wine for the price of 3 tapas!!!!

 photo IMG_2669.jpg

 photo IMG_2670.jpg

 photo IMG_2672.jpg

 photo IMG_2673.jpg