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El Prado [Jun. 22nd, 2017|06:23 pm]
Tuesday 13 June: Madrid El Prado

Museums cost in Madrid, luckily many do a special last 2 hours free entry for EU citizens on certain days (although they did not check just queued for a bit) , so it is perfect to see a glimpse of the big museums for short trips also work in the palace).
The Prado is pretty amazing so could easily spend a few more hours there but this was a short trip so it worked perfectly for us, especially as I had prepared a short list of my must see: Goya Saturn, Witches Sabbath, El Coloso, Third of May and discovered a few more from his black series. The Bosch collection , especially Garden of Delights was just extraordinary and lovely to finally see some of those iconic Velasquez.

Afterwards we went on search for food, that is the most complicated bit in Madrid, finding food, Spanish people never seem to eat, bars are full but apart from the odd tapas it sometimes seems quite hard work to find proper menus, also very pricey for a few croquettes. Lunchtime much easier  but evening. We were trying to be on Spanish time..looking for food around 9.30pm but i guess till way too early..in the end we had to accept defeat and go for big jug of sangria and a few tapas before being back to hotel and collapse as everyone only start to head into town.

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amusing windows

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