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Madrid El Retiro Park - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Madrid El Retiro Park [Jun. 22nd, 2017|06:01 pm]
Tuesday 13 June: Madrid El Retiro Park

That morning we caught the first tune to Heathrow to catch our mid morning flight to Madrid ( we both been to the airport a few times but never to Madrid so it was time to remedy it). then more tube to get to our little hotel in the Anton Martin area. Hard work with a big suitcase, 40+ degree and 3rd floor room with no stairs.
Finally started being tourist mid afternoon.
we went straight to visit El Retiro Park, beautiful with lake, sculptures alleys, palaces and gardens.
Beautiful Crystal Palace in the park , which is also an exhibition space and its pond is full of turtles and black swans <3
We also went to see the fountain of the Fallen angel, claimed to be the only known public monument of Satan.

blue sky and green park 
 photo IMG_2556.jpg

 photo IMG_2557.jpg
funny trees
 photo IMG_2558.jpg

 photo IMG_2560.jpg
cool monument to boat by although we decided for a cold drink rather than boating in full afternoon sun
 photo IMG_2563.jpg

 photo IMG_2564.jpg

 photo IMG_2566.jpg
bird stealing crisps
 photo IMG_2568.jpg

 photo IMG_2570.jpg

 photo IMG_2571.jpg

 photo IMG_2572.jpg

 photo IMG_2573.jpg

 photo IMG_2575.jpg
crystal palace
 photo IMG_2579.jpg
 photo IMG_2580.jpg

 photo IMG_2581.jpg
floating trees
 photo IMG_2582.jpg

 photo IMG_2584.jpg
 photo IMG_2587.jpg

 photo IMG_2588.jpg

 photo IMG_2593.jpg

 photo IMG_2596.jpg

 photo IMG_2597.jpg

 photo IMG_2598.jpg

 photo IMG_2602.jpg
 photo IMG_2604.jpg

 photo IMG_2606.jpg

 photo IMG_2607.jpg