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Shirley Bassey Meet Daleks Iain 50 Birthday Party - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Shirley Bassey Meet Daleks Iain 50 Birthday Party [Jun. 22nd, 2017|05:53 pm]
Saturday 10 June: Shirley Bassey Meet Daleks Iain 50 Birthday Party

Great party at Jake and Ian, what a marvellous multi levels gardens they created. The theme welcomed time travelling divas, cosmic beings, space captains and aliens as well as of course , Shirley Bassey and Daleks. Fittingly the basement was turned into a spaceworld dancing room (made from paper and cake plates and its own tardis) , an Egyptian cocktail room (sadly I had decided to drive back and what a full on drive it was crossing all London) . Lots of fun & fab outfits.

 photo IMG_2482.jpg

 photo IMG_2484.jpg

 photo IMG_2490.jpg

 photo IMG_2494.jpg

 photo IMG_2497.jpg

entering the party :)
 photo IMG_2498.jpg
the basement
 photo IMG_2499.jpg

 photo IMG_2500.jpg

 photo IMG_2501.jpg

 photo IMG_2502.jpg
what a garden

 photo IMG_2503.jpg

 photo IMG_2504.jpg

 photo IMG_2507.jpg
one of our hosts
 photo IMG_2508.jpg

 photo IMG_2509.jpg

 photo IMG_2512.jpg

 photo IMG_2514.jpg

 photo IMG_2515.jpg

 photo IMG_2517.jpg

 photo IMG_2518.jpg

 photo IMG_2519.jpg

 photo IMG_2520.jpg

 photo IMG_2522.jpg

 photo IMG_2523.jpg

 photo IMG_2524.jpg

 photo IMG_2525.jpg

 photo IMG_2528.jpg

 photo IMG_2529.jpg

 photo IMG_2531.jpg

 photo IMG_2532.jpg

 photo IMG_2534.jpg

 photo IMG_2536.jpg

 photo IMG_2537.jpg

 photo IMG_2538.jpg

 photo IMG_2540.jpg

 photo IMG_2541.jpg

 photo IMG_2542.jpg

 photo IMG_2543.jpg
birthday boy handing ice lollies
 photo IMG_2544.jpg

 photo IMG_2545.jpg

 photo IMG_2546.jpg

 photo IMG_2547.jpg

 photo IMG_2549.jpg

 photo IMG_2550.jpg

 photo IMG_2554.jpg

 photo 18921754_10154347161776548_1681094974002866457_n.jpg