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sewing [Jun. 8th, 2017|06:32 pm]
To have a little change of subject, after many, many years of wearing my green spencer/white dress combo at re-enactment (which i was so lucky to find at a re-enactor car boot sale) i have finally jazz it up a bit. I had the perfect fabric for it in my stash sadly it wasn't right period wise, so i had to go for a smaller floral print. The green not exactly matching but anything for a bit of a change will be good, gosh the pleating has been sending me crazy the last few evenings and realising the thread i bought for it was too light and noticeable (ribbon to the rescue) This is why i rarely attempt making re-enacting stuff it seems wrong not to have any skulls or pentagrams anywhere and to be able to hide messy bits with ornaments ;) The straw hat also got a little makeover to match

 photo IMG_2452.jpg
 photo IMG_2456.jpg