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Shirley Bassey meets the Daleks - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Shirley Bassey meets the Daleks [Jun. 8th, 2017|06:16 pm]
This weekend we are going to a party with an unusual theme Shirley Bassey meets the Daleks. This is for a very flamboyant friend 50th so i expect lots of mad outfits and the invite was just the cutest . Luckily time travelling divas, cosmic beings, space captains and aliens are also acceptable :)

 photo unnamed.jpg photo dalek.jpg

Been playing with ideas for the party and an excuse to wear my latest creation, blue being a very Alien colour :) I am not really into Shirley Bassey or Dr Who so i am going for the time travelling divas & alien, suggestions :) I imagine it would amused Nadia Van Der Westhuizen as her birthday presents have ended up on a hat and Jennifer Garside as her paniers ended up on my shoulders :)

 photo IMG_2436.jpg
 photo IMG_2448.jpg
 photo IMG_2447.jpg