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Steampunk Bar St Albans - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Steampunk Bar St Albans [Jun. 5th, 2017|06:06 pm]
Friday 2 June
A lovely surprise came in the post today, back in April, i somehow managed to loose my ID card after using it to vote in Wembley. Annoyed as i only had it renewed last year. However it was found on Alexandra Palace Park (make sense we went there afterward) the person who found it send it back to me :) I can cancel my consulate appointment and a big thank you message and some chocolate will be coming their way :)

Saturday 3 June
Day spent fabric shopping in Walthamstow. Project curtains and old reenacting dress jazzing up can begin. A bit annoyed that the forecast was wrong and today ended up sunny and hot so we could have had a day at the beach instead, I definitely got one tanner driving arm now :)

We then went to the St Albans to join Martin and Amanda for a cocktail in Suckerpunch a cute little steampunk bar there


 photo 18813432_10154337659646548_7891925249141209512_n.jpg
 photo 18893314_10154337659866548_8874802428195567394_n.jpg
 photo 18920662_10154337659741548_5799237633832889316_n.jpg
 photo 18813727_10154337659896548_3544123659573761146_n.jpg