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Invasion Kent Hole Park - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Invasion Kent Hole Park [Jun. 1st, 2017|12:30 pm]
Sunday 28 May: Invasion Kent Hole Park

We had sunshine, rain, lighting and many explosions from both the sky and the canons. Photos of the lovely Hole Park Gardens, Saturday Battle and from the 44th valiant efforts at the tug of war evening battle. Thanks to everyone for making a lovely weekend, the hot days were a good practice for Spain and Susan for all the lovely food.

 photo IMG_2354.jpg

tent set up and ready
 photo IMG_2249.jpg

 photo IMG_2250.jpg

 photo IMG_2251.jpg

 photo 18699967_10154322173901548_2164672701563508730_n.jpg
 photo 18698422_10154321399001548_8523705495673090131_n.jpg

 photo IMG_2253.jpg

 photo IMG_2254.jpg

 photo IMG_2255.jpg

 photo IMG_2256.jpg

 photo IMG_2259.jpg

 photo IMG_2260.jpg

 photo IMG_2261.jpg

 photo IMG_2262.jpg

 photo IMG_2264.jpg

 photo IMG_2266.jpg

 photo IMG_2268.jpg

 photo IMG_2269.jpg

 photo IMG_2270.jpg

 photo IMG_2271.jpg

 photo IMG_2272.jpg

 photo IMG_2273.jpg

 photo IMG_2274.jpg

 photo IMG_2276.jpg

 photo IMG_2278.jpg

 photo IMG_2279.jpg

 photo IMG_2280.jpg

 photo IMG_2281.jpg

 photo IMG_2282.jpg

 photo IMG_2283.jpg

 photo IMG_2286.jpg

half way through the battle i went to visit the gardens
 photo IMG_2288.jpg

 photo IMG_2289.jpg

 photo IMG_2290.jpg

 photo IMG_2292.jpg

 photo IMG_2297.jpg

 photo IMG_2300.jpg

 photo IMG_2301.jpg

 photo IMG_2302.jpg

 photo IMG_2304.jpg

 photo IMG_2305.jpg

 photo IMG_2307.jpg

 photo IMG_2308.jpg

 photo IMG_2312.jpg

 photo IMG_2315.jpg
the french won
 photo IMG_2316.jpg

 photo IMG_2320.jpg

then i dragged a tired soldier to revisit the gardens together
 photo IMG_2328.jpg

 photo IMG_2330.jpg

 photo IMG_2332.jpg

 photo IMG_2335.jpg

 photo IMG_2338.jpg

 photo IMG_2339.jpg

 photo IMG_2344.jpg

 photo IMG_2349.jpg
so sad not allowed :(

 photo 18700260_10154322164941548_8476520372401066217_n.jpg

 photo 18739837_10154322173686548_3073947631801857992_n.jpg

 photo IMG_2356.jpg

 photo IMG_2357.jpg
public gone ice cream in camp :)
 photo IMG_2358.jpg

 photo IMG_2359.jpg

 photo IMG_2360.jpg

tug of war

 photo IMG_2362.jpg

 photo IMG_2364.jpg

 photo IMG_2376.jpg
 photo IMG_2377.jpg

 photo IMG_2387.jpg
 photo IMG_2393.jpg