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Crossbone Graveyard May Fayre - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Crossbone Graveyard May Fayre [May. 31st, 2017|12:58 pm]
Tuesday 23 May Crossbone Graveyard May Fayre

On Tuesday night we went to a performance/ritual/May Magical Mystery tour at the Cross Bones Graveyard site in Southwark. As simon said “A fantastic urban neo-pagan event: part land-reclamation, part practical hippydom, part history lesson. We listened to poets and singers and musicians, whilst actors performed vignettes about Early Christianity, prostitution and the care of the outsider. If you know the history of the Southern bank of the Thames and its inhabitants (poets, playwrights, prisoners and prostitutes) you’ll know how happy I was that Kristen Morrison sang an Elizabethan poem about The Merry Month of May that was achingly beautiful and so very appropriate.

It is one of those places I have seen many times from outside, heard about, been on walks by it over the years but never been in (mostly open 1-3pm weekdays) so to finally be there for a special event was perfect (and it was sunny). At 7pm after the performances we all moved onto the street and the vigil started. It was such a lovely event and must try to return more often.

Details of the event:

Crossbones Garden of Remembrance, Union Street SE1, a special opening and promenade performance on the site of the outcasts' burial ground, exploring its stranger than fiction true story and the transforming visions it has inspired...

Hosted by JOHN CONSTABLE aka Crow, author of The Southwark Mysteries with singers CUNNING FOLK, KIRSTEN MORRISON, MARIANNE HYATT and poets MAMTA SAGAR and ANA SEFEROVIC

5pm Garden opens
5.30 Crow's magical mystery tour of the garden with interventions by BETWEEN TEETH theatre
6pm Performance in the garden of songs and poems for Crossbones
7pm the 156th Cross Bones Vigil for the Outcast (at the Red Gates in Redcross Way)
FREE EVENT! Donations welcome.

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