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Watford, Ascott House and St Albans - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Watford, Ascott House and St Albans [May. 25th, 2017|12:04 pm]
Sunday 21 May: Watford, Ascott House and St Albans

Late the night before our guest for the next ten days Ingela arrived. That morning we went to a little car boot sale in Watford ( one never has enough skeleton fairy lights :) ) and then went to help Alan fit his roof racks. Made me practice my driving and parking in a muddy field :)

 photo 18403336_10154304678306548_4020669496877561914_n.jpg

Afterwards we made our way to Ascott House
Getting harder and harder to find NT we haven’t yet visited in certain counties, but it seemed we had missed that one so we decided it would be perfect to do on a sunny day and being not too far from both Watford and St Albans perfect to visit various friends before and after.
The house itself pretty timber building (the ex hunting lodge/country home of the Rothschild family). You only visit a small section but quite an impressive paintings collection (Stubbs, Gainsborough, Reynolds). My favourite bits was the gardens, really beautiful with lily pond, teletubbies land, topiaries over rolling hill views. Even a Richard Long sculpture. A stunning fountain and a very unusual shrub sundial. Being there after all the horrible recent rain made it so green and lush.

 photo IMG_2189.jpg

 photo IMG_2190.jpg

 photo IMG_2191.jpg

 photo IMG_2193.jpg

 photo IMG_2196.jpg

 photo IMG_2199.jpg

 photo IMG_2201.jpg

 photo IMG_2204.jpg

 photo IMG_2205.jpg

 photo IMG_2207.jpg

 photo IMG_2209.jpg

 photo IMG_2211.jpg

 photo IMG_2212.jpg

 photo IMG_2215.jpg

 photo IMG_2219.jpg

 photo IMG_2220.jpg

 photo IMG_2222.jpg

 photo IMG_2224.jpg

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 photo IMG_2228.jpg

 photo IMG_2229.jpg

 photo IMG_2233.jpg

 photo IMG_2235.jpg

 photo IMG_2236.jpg

 photo IMG_2237.jpg

 photo IMG_2239.jpg

Afterwards we made our way to St Albans to have dinner with Martin and Amanda.

 photo 18620115_10154306776031548_938625054904645751_n.jpg