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Jazz and Marilyn Manson - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Jazz and Marilyn Manson [May. 18th, 2017|06:29 pm]
Wednesday 18 May: Jazz and Marilyn Manson

I didn't buy Korn gig tickets are £50 it just seem a little bit too much (unless it is Rammstein or MM) , this was lucky as the following week Marilyn Manson tour was announced, i missed the last tour so i thought i must go this time. Years ago i would never ever missed his tours but they haven't quite been as amazing, although he did put a good show on the Zombie tour. tickets actually cheaper than Korn.
Thanks to Markus with O2 i got my tickets early too :)...so happy to know i will be seeing MM again in December...
Love him , hate him , he is the reason i got into goth and why i am who i am today

on the less happy news, Jazz spent the day at he vet, the old lady has high blood pressure and we will see what the blood tests will revealed in a few days. Attempted to catch a picture of her with both her shaven patches but she is having none of it.
She is still screaming all night long, we are still tired but hopefully this will help figure out why a bit more.

 photo 18528016_10154295400436548_2531638202821026471_n.jpg

 photo 18519980_10154295400391548_3724110622824516672_n.jpg