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Wellcome New Reading rooms and Exhibitions - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wellcome New Reading rooms and Exhibitions [May. 15th, 2017|12:55 pm]
Thursday 11th May: Wellcome New Reading rooms and Exhibitions

i went on a visit at the Wellcome Library to see its lovely refurbishment, quite a lot of changes since i was doing my research on their Witchcraft and Alchemy collections for my MA dissertation there, but then it was a scary 13 years ago!!! Loving the new reading room, especially with all the bean bags on the stairs, the freud sofa replica to lie on, and the mix match of event and study space, different theme zones and curios. Loved some of the details like the bookcases are painted the same green as a doctor's scrubs and the fabrics on sofas & cushions sofas is in a material depicting the crystallography of insulin.

 photo IMG_2060.jpg

 photo IMG_2059.jpg

 photo IMG_2061.jpg
 photo IMG_2062.jpg
 photo IMG_2064.jpg
 photo IMG_2065.jpg
 photo IMG_2066.jpg
 photo IMG_2067.jpg
 photo IMG_2068.jpg


Also popped in the Making Nature exhibition, my highlight was that they had a Walter Potter diarama the one with Squirrels playing cards, I am a bit of a Potter fan. They also had some very unusual papier mache horse teeth replica and a few interesting displays. https://wellcomecollection.org/MakingNature

Also popped to the Electricity exhibition, but i had to do it a bit fast to fully appreciated and less my interest (i had to return to work) https://wellcomecollection.org/electricity