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Belgium Beers and French Election - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Belgium Beers and French Election [May. 8th, 2017|01:43 pm]
Sunday 7th May: Belgium Beers and French Election

Suzanne and I went to Belgo for a lunch of mussels and beers before i go and do my voting . It didn't start well as they had ran out of coconut beer ( a must have with thai mussels) but the passion fruit one wasn't bad either :)

Made my way to wembley afterwards, expecting hours of queues like 2 weeks before and i was so wrong..no queues in and out. I hope it was because i went later than because people were not going.

At least i am feeling a huge sight of relief with the result :)

 photo 18275204_10154270011366548_4068167281631189653_n.jpg
 photo 18342125_10154270011501548_3204855290638802954_n 1.jpg