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Sabrina 40th on Tamesis Boat - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sabrina 40th on Tamesis Boat [May. 2nd, 2017|07:38 pm]
Saturday 29 April: Sabrina 40th on Tamesis Boat

Busy afternoon of shopping and me driving my first multistorey car park but failing at getting out of parking space in alexandra palace garden centre.
I  had to try my latest wig but it is very very bright
Lovely to walk along the hames as sun was setting down as the party started at 7pm, lovely evening of drinking Pimms to great tunes (arif/vade retro was djeing) and catching up with Georgie on a boat on the Thames. A lovely way to help Sabrina celebrate her 40th birthday.

 photo IMG_20170429_180403.jpg

 photo IMG_20170429_175842.jpg

 photo IMG_20170429_180346.jpg

 photo IMG_20170429_190741.jpg
venue for tonight
 photo IMG_20170429_191228.jpg

 photo IMG_1947.jpg

 photo IMG_1949.jpg
 photo IMG_1952.jpg
 photo IMG_1953.jpg
 photo IMG_20170429_201125.jpg

cool toilets
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 photo IMG_1957.jpg
 photo IMG_1958.jpg
 photo IMG_1959.jpg

 photo IMG_1963.jpg
 photo IMG_1965.jpg
 photo IMG_1966.jpg
birthday girl get serenaded
 photo IMG_20170429_223107.jpg
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 photo IMG_1968.jpg

 photo IMG_1974.jpg
 photo IMG_1975.jpg
 photo IMG_1976.jpg