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Baby and Wigs [May. 2nd, 2017|07:32 pm]
Thursday 27 April: Kat and Tori

We had a special visitor today at work in between guarding small press exhibition. Baby Alexander :)Then in the evening as Tori was at UCl for a conference we all went for drinks and dinner

 photo IMG_20170427_141544.jpg
 photo IMG_20170427_141517.jpg

Friday 28 April: wigs

Thatday was mostly spent having some medical tests and working from home. Wiped me out so cancelled tonight plan and instead after a long snooze, I am finally tackling various wigs fringes that have been awaiting my attention, i am so covered in all sort of hair colours right now :) . My real hair and my fringe are so much easier to cut than wigs.

 photo IMG_20170428_171024_1.jpg
 photo IMG_1945.jpg