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Abbey Road & Camden - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Abbey Road & Camden [May. 2nd, 2017|06:26 pm]

Tuesday 25 April: Abbey Road & Camden

Last time I went to the Abbey road crossing was a scary 27 years ago . My graffitied name on the wall long gone (request from beatles fan and birthday boy Sebastien)
Afterwards ended the day in Camden for a spot of shopping, a cocktail in Grand Union and dinner at teh Indian restaurant before returning home for some packing as my visitors leaving the next morning.
We still find time to take a few shots of the girls in my wigs :)

Abbey Road
 photo IMG_20170425_145401.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_145422.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_145520.jpg
waiting our tour in between tourists and traffic :)
 photo IMG_20170425_145825.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_150152.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_161946_BURST001_COVER.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_171026.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_180254.jpg

at home
 photo IMG_1939.jpg
 photo IMG_1940.jpg
 photo IMG_1941.jpg
 photo IMG_1942.jpg