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Hill Gardens & Pergola, Squirrels, Lemur and Butterflies - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hill Gardens & Pergola, Squirrels, Lemur and Butterflies [May. 2nd, 2017|06:20 pm]

Tuesday 25 April: Hill Gardens & Pergola, Squirrels, Lemur and Butterflies

On the monday  morning was a trip to Primark to get lots of Harry Potters goodies, a pub full English breakfast, and then i took my guests to Watford and dropped them at the HP shuttle for a fun day for them visiting Harry Potter Studio and back to work for me.
On tuesday we took my favorite little bus via Hampstead forest (the 210) to the Hill Gardens and pergola.
Doesn't matter how often i go I always take my breath away and some flowers were in full bloom.

The girls wanted to see squirrels so I took them to what I called the valley of squirrels ie: the stumpery and it was full of them. They also enjoyed the little zoo especially as the lemurs were in full posing form but the butterfly house was a bit sad as it must have been end of season for them and very few alive ones left.

Hill gardens
 photo IMG_20170425_111048.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_111221.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_111312.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_111400.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_111533.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_111658.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_112915.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_112921.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_113130.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_114400.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_114951.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_120935.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_121301.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_121417.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_121531.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_121948.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_122247_BURST002.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_134013.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_134101.jpg
back for more squirels petting
 photo IMG_20170425_135028.jpg

 photo IMG_20170425_135035.jpg