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French Election & Alexandra Palace - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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French Election & Alexandra Palace [May. 2nd, 2017|06:05 pm]
Sunday 23 April: French Election & Alexandra Palace

 Getting there made me practice my traffic jam driving !!!! There is also a football match in wembley stadium although the queues there are nothing compared to the various ones at the lycee. In the end i had to jump out of the car (i was driving) and exchance with simon...but being without coat, or even a drink and when told the queues about 3 hours long (that was just the wembley site (queues like that all over london) . i had to give up (was dying for the loo too) and return home. I also check on my guests as they were doing the Tower of London and due to Marathon it was also a bit delayed. So with clearer plan and nw sure we would not be able to go and visit more stuff that day i return to wembley more prepared and this time the queus were less bad . Only about 1.30h. Not quite the best result with Lepen getting through the second round :(
 We all came back about the same time.

To make the most oft he sunshine . i drove everyone to Alexandra Palace to see the views and look for some squirrels. Eventually found one althugh he was a bit scared.

Afterward we all went to dinner in our usual turkish restaurant .

Some much pollen it looked like snow.
 photo IMG_20170423_183807.jpg
 photo IMG_20170423_183831.jpg

Aly Pally
 photo IMG_20170423_183955.jpg

 photo IMG_20170423_184332.jpg

 photo IMG_20170423_185345.jpg

 photo IMG_20170423_190223.jpg