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House of Minalima [May. 2nd, 2017|05:44 pm]

Saturday 22 April: House of Minalima

My guests are maga Harry Potter fan so i took them on a mini west end Potter visit.
A very cool pop up multifloors shop/ gallery on Harry Potter & fantastic beasts in Soho. Completely free and so cool. I wanted everything in their shop.

 photo IMG_20170422_152638.jpg

 photo IMG_20170422_150424.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_150758.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_150834_BURST001_COVER.jpg

 photo IMG_20170422_150847.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_150908.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_150913.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_150926.jpg

 photo IMG_20170422_151001.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151356.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151427.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151515.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151534.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151550.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151627.jpg

 photo IMG_20170422_151636_BURST001_COVER.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151751.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151831.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151942.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_151952.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_152139.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_152207.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_152236_BURST002.jpg

 photo IMG_20170422_152431.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_152459.jpg

 photo IMG_20170422_152532.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_152547.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_152602.jpg

 photo IMG_20170422_152757.jpg