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vero, March for Science, Lego store and chinatown - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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vero, March for Science, Lego store and chinatown [May. 2nd, 2017|05:35 pm]
Saturday 22 April: vero, March for Science, Lego store and  chinatown

The night before Veronique, Sebastien and their 2 daughters Maeva and Lisa arrived. So a very full house for the next few days. That day we started in south Kensington as they wanted to revisit the  interactive floord for kids at the science museum (sadly now tickets only :( ) still we arrived at same time as  the EU, March for Science was starting so it was nice to be there for a bit  for a little bit :)  afterwards we went into town to visit the Lego store (very nice and no queues), usual popping by M&M's and lunch in China town (wookee never changes)

Science museum
 photo IMG_20170422_114920.jpg

eu science march
 photo IMG_20170422_120030.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_120141.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_120237.jpg

Lego store
 photo IMG_20170422_123850.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_124045.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_124340.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_124519.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_124539.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_124701.jpg

 photo IMG_20170422_130611.jpg