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Harry Potter Studio [Apr. 21st, 2017|12:52 pm]

Wednesday 19 April: Harry Potter Studio

For simon and I, it was our second visits there, I think I enjoyed it even more as it was wonderful to show it to excited Gigi and Audrey (who had done the Japanese’s version) and also I think I noticed lots of new details (they are always adding more stuffs), really enjoyed the new forbidden forest and train station and well, it is just a magical place with  much décor I would love to take home. It also really show the crazy amount of work behind the films. I like the films but not what you would describe as a fan but I adore that place. We had a fantastic fun afternoon wandering around, having silly fun and I am still in love with that animatronic mandrake. My next lot of visitor are going there on Monday and I wish I could go again but a bit too pricey (but worth it)  to do it twice in one week.

Let's make some magic
 photo 18010879_10154223895431548_642146286720635894_n.jpg

always amazed by the entry :)
 photo IMG_1657.jpg
 photo IMG_1658.jpg

that room still as breathtaking amazing
 photo IMG_1660.jpg

 photo IMG_1662.jpg

 photo IMG_1663.jpg

 photo IMG_1665.jpg

 photo IMG_20170419_151636.jpg

 photo IMG_1666.jpg

 photo IMG_1670.jpg

 photo IMG_1672.jpg
ready to cast my spells
 photo IMG_1674.jpg

 photo IMG_1675.jpg

 photo IMG_1677.jpg
here we go the next section with all the props, rooms, fun...
 photo IMG_1680.jpg

 photo IMG_1685.jpg

 photo IMG_1690.jpg
optical illusions
 photo IMG_1692.jpg
i want that outfit
 photo IMG_1694.jpg

 photo IMG_1695.jpg
and that miroir
 photo IMG_1699.jpg

 photo IMG_1701.jpg

 photo IMG_1702.jpg

 photo IMG_1703.jpg

 photo IMG_1704.jpg
girlies :)
 photo IMG_1706.jpg

 photo IMG_1707.jpg

 photo IMG_1708.jpg

 photo IMG_1711.jpg

 photo IMG_1715.jpg

 photo IMG_20170419_154348.jpg

 photo IMG_1720.jpg
i want it all
 photo IMG_1724.jpg
 photo IMG_1725.jpg
 photo IMG_1726.jpg

 photo IMG_1730.jpg

 photo IMG_1731.jpg

 photo IMG_1732.jpg

 photo IMG_1734.jpg

 photo IMG_1737.jpg
this was actually a small table but used optical illusion
 photo IMG_20170419_160833.jpg
iron maiden

 photo IMG_1744.jpg

 photo IMG_1749.jpg

 photo IMG_1751.jpg

 photo IMG_1752.jpg

 photo IMG_1754.jpg

off to the new forbidden forest

 photo IMG_1755.jpg
 photo IMG_1758.jpg

 photo IMG_1764.jpg
 photo IMG_1765.jpg
 photo IMG_1770.jpg

and ride the train

 photo IMG_1777.jpg
 photo IMG_1778.jpg
 photo IMG_1782.jpg

 photo IMG_1788.jpg

my phone match the display :)
 photo IMG_20170419_164655.jpg
 photo IMG_1791.jpg

 photo IMG_1794.jpg
butter beer time ..audrey even made a montage

 photo 18049884_10155281437490984_1205387110_o.jpg
the outdoor bit
 photo IMG_1795.jpg
 photo IMG_1796.jpg

 photo 18053387_10155281435985984_668972071_o.jpg

 photo IMG_1797.jpg

 photo IMG_20170419_171506.jpg
let's make audrey vanish !!!
 photo IMG_20170419_171529.jpg

 photo IMG_1800.jpg
 photo IMG_1805.jpg
you can now also go inside the house
 photo IMG_1798.jpg

i love that section with all the moving creatures
 photo IMG_1808.jpg

 photo IMG_1811.jpg

 photo IMG_1812.jpg

 photo IMG_1815.jpg

 photo IMG_1816.jpg

 photo IMG_1820.jpg
 loved the alleyway...so magical
 photo IMG_20170419_173640.jpg
 photo IMG_20170419_173724.jpg

 photo IMG_20170419_174121.jpg

 photo IMG_1829.jpg

 photo IMG_1831.jpg
 photo IMG_1833.jpg
 photo IMG_1838.jpg
the finally
 photo IMG_20170419_175111.jpg
 photo IMG_20170419_175144.jpg
 photo IMG_20170419_175403.jpg

 photo IMG_20170419_175720.jpg

 photo IMG_20170419_180146_1.jpg
wands many wands
 photo IMG_1852.jpg
 photo IMG_1854.jpg

shop sillyness
 photo IMG_20170419_181242.jpg

 photo IMG_20170419_181257.jpg

 photo IMG_20170419_181326.jpg
 bye bye harry potter
 photo IMG_1856.jpg