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Not quite Reptile (car issues) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Not quite Reptile (car issues) [Apr. 20th, 2017|08:14 pm]
Saturday 15 April: Not quite Reptile

So back from buying a car
Quick shortening of ball skirt to be more club practical and finally found a way to play with the asda headband I got last Halloween.

 photo IMG_20170415_220324.jpg

 photo IMG_20170415_220329.jpg

 photo IMG_20170415_220414.jpg
 photo IMG_20170415_220513.jpg

then this happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Last night didn't quite go to plan. We got to archway, parked but were unable to lock the car. Spent ages attempting locking it but constantly unlock itself after a short delay. Dress like we were on Holloway road attempting to lock a car again and again ,we were attracting a bit too much attention, so we had to give up after a while and go home to find the manual and do all sort of googling. We were pretty much attempting to sort it until 2am, feeling very dodgy opening and closing doors again and again in our streets on a saturday night....on top of unlocking itself you could also drive it off without inseting the card key thing wich was an extra worry. In the end we went to bed feeling super worried there wouldn't be a car there in the morning. Luckily the car is still there, our first plan was trying to contact the car dealer and any renault specialist garages but being Easter sunday...no luck. Started more test this morning also attempting with or without the key on us and bingo... we have finally cracked it (the power of a less frustrated and upset fresh brain). That stupid card key is a vicinity card so it unlock the car as soon as we get near . At least it is locked when we are awayfrom it but unlike a normal car with a normal key you cannot double check the damn thing is locked. As being a few car away it unlocks itself  :( Once again fooled and confused by technology. When two of us, at least one can walk away and the other can double check but really what a stupid system(or take battery out). Must remember not to pass the car accidently but luckily we cannot parked too near home. Annoyed to have missed Reptile thanks to being confused by technology and one feature of the new car we really are not impressed with. Apart from that i drove it round and round our estate this morning and everything else is lovely. Grumpy but so relieved.

Since then...we learning to deal with silly keys but the boot got jam...now been fix at silly cost but as still under warranty we shall hopefully see the money back...