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Simon Birthday, Games and we bought a car - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Simon Birthday, Games and we bought a car [Apr. 20th, 2017|07:10 pm]
Tuesday 11 April: No gig for me...
I sadly miss the Sol Invictus gig as in much need of sleep and nightnurse after being back at work

Wednesday 12 April: Simon Birthday
we had a quiet celebration as both in much need of sleep

 photo 17883714_10154205402766548_1305258972640806316_n.jpg
 photo 17883535_10154205402876548_4035031046597387896_n.jpg

Thursday 13 April: Simon game Party
Testing how many we can fit around the new table once extended. Chilli eaten, now onto games

 photo 17884264_10154208165086548_4512898684273342329_n.jpg

Friday 14 April:  home doing a zillions things, and garden and shortlisting more cars...

Saturday 15 April: We went t chelmford and bought a car

Bye bye black car hello grey car. Loss the blackness but 3 years younger, 50.000 less miles, fit our tent pole and roof box and most importantly it is Automatic !! Let's hope the no fussing with changing gears will make me a more confident driver. Simon Satori is not sure what to do with his left foot😄 oh yeah and it is French.

 photo IMG_20170415_134521.jpg
 photo IMG_20170415_134532.jpg