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Rathaus Styria Market - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rathaus Styria Market [Apr. 20th, 2017|06:32 pm]
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Sunday 9th April: Vienna Day 3: Rathaus Styria Market

Sunday morning fun at the easter market , drinking local apple wines, traditional costumes, dances and super big Pretzels.
All a bit tired for a very very late night ...

 photo IMG_1482.jpg

lots of traditional costumes
 photo IMG_1457.jpg

 photo IMG_1459.jpg

 photo IMG_1461.jpg
 photo IMG_1463.jpg
 photo IMG_1465.jpg
 photo IMG_1466.jpg

 photo IMG_1468.jpg

 photo IMG_1470.jpg
 photo IMG_1471.jpg
 photo IMG_1475.jpg

had to be done
 photo IMG_1476.jpg

 photo IMG_1479.jpg

 photo IMG_1484.jpg
 photo IMG_1485.jpg
 photo IMG_1486.jpg
 photo IMG_1488.jpg
 photo IMG_1492.jpg
 photo IMG_1494.jpg
 photo IMG_1496.jpg