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Hundertwasser District Heating Plant - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hundertwasser District Heating Plant [Apr. 20th, 2017|06:31 pm]
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Sunday 9th April: Vienna Day 3: Hundertwasser District Heating Plant

Luckily we discover we were staying quite near the District Heating Plant he decorated so on our way out on Sunday we took a little trip down the river to have a peek.

 photo IMG_1433.jpg

 photo IMG_1434.jpg

 photo IMG_1436.jpg

 photo IMG_1437.jpg

 photo IMG_1438.jpg

 photo IMG_1442.jpg

 photo IMG_1444.jpg

 photo IMG_1446.jpg

 photo IMG_1447.jpg

 photo IMG_1449.jpg

 photo IMG_1450.jpg