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Rome Burns play Robert’s Birthday in Vienna - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rome Burns play Robert’s Birthday in Vienna [Apr. 20th, 2017|06:20 pm]
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Saturday 8th April: Vienna Day 2: Rome Burns play Robert’s Birthday in Vienna

Here we go the main reason we were in Vienna, Robert 50th Vanitas special Birthday bash with a cracking line up of Brigitte Handley, Joanna Quail and Rome Burns. A fantastic venue, in a fantastic city and full of lovely people.

 photo IMG_1293.jpg

 photo IMG_1294.jpg

 photo IMG_1295.jpg
 photo IMG_1296.jpg
 photo IMG_1298.jpg

cool venue
 photo IMG_1301.jpg
dinner not very viennese
 photo IMG_1302.jpg
 photo IMG_1304.jpg
 photo IMG_1305.jpg

here we go

 photo IMG_1311.jpg
 photo IMG_1312.jpg
 photo IMG_1314.jpg
 photo IMG_1315.jpg
 photo IMG_1316.jpg

birthday boy
 photo IMG_1317.jpg
 photo IMG_1318.jpg

 photo IMG_1324.jpg
 photo IMG_1326.jpg
 photo IMG_1327.jpg

 photo IMG_1337.jpg
 photo IMG_1341.jpg

 photo IMG_1350.jpg

all 3 doing a version of Vienna a surprise for birthday boy
 photo IMG_1354.jpg
 photo IMG_1369.jpg

rome burns
 photo IMG_1378.jpg
 photo IMG_1380.jpg
 photo IMG_1384.jpg
 photo IMG_1392.jpg
 photo IMG_1401.jpg
 photo IMG_1408.jpg
 photo IMG_1422.jpg
 photo IMG_1424.jpg
 photo IMG_1426.jpg
 photo IMG_1427.jpg
 photo IMG_1428.jpg
 photo IMG_1429.jpg