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Vienna Day 2: Hundertwasser Museum - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Vienna Day 2: Hundertwasser Museum [Apr. 20th, 2017|05:46 pm]
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Saturday 8th April: Vienna Day 2: Hundertwasser Museum

The Hundertwasser Museum is styled in the same way, all the floors are cobbled, uneven and whimsical, funky toilets and even the bollard outside are bent . Inside there is a two floor museum of all his artworks (no photos) I do really like his artworks, all the spirals, colours and repetitions. Straight line are the enemy. What I discover I liked the most was his philosophy, all his quotes really stroke a cord. His own way to do a revolution, his view that horizontals belongs to nature and vertical to man.  I love that he saw himself as a beautifyer. Didn’t realise he was such a cool guy, traveling the world, living (most of the time naked) on his colourful boat. I liked his work but I know really rediscover an artists I need to read more about.

on the way there sotted cutest car and full of bees and beehives!!!
 photo IMG_1256.jpg
 photo IMG_1257.jpg

the museum
 photo IMG_1259.jpg

 photo IMG_1263.jpg
 photo IMG_1264.jpg
 photo IMG_1266.jpg

even the shop floor uneven
 photo IMG_1267.jpg

 photo IMG_1270.jpg

more toilets
 photo IMG_1272.jpg
 photo IMG_1273.jpg
 photo IMG_1274.jpg
 photo IMG_1275.jpg
 photo IMG_1276.jpg
 photo IMG_1277.jpg

no photos inside but a bit like that :

 photo 17759753_10154204311826548_8509169673149343200_n.jpg
 photo 17883760_10154204311776548_972136489139898887_n.jpg
 photo 17884312_10154204311596548_8240720419085256741_n.jpg
 photo 17884134_10154204311616548_827994296813790515_n.jpg

 photo IMG_1278.jpg
 photo IMG_1280.jpg
 photo IMG_1283.jpg
 photo IMG_1284.jpg
 photo IMG_1285.jpg
 photo IMG_1287.jpg
 photo IMG_1290.jpg