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Vienna Day 2: Hundertwasser House, Village and Toilets - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Vienna Day 2: Hundertwasser House, Village and Toilets [Apr. 20th, 2017|05:25 pm]
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Saturday 8th April: Vienna Day 2: Hundertwasser House, Village and Toilets

I remember writing an essay on Hundertwasser in 1993, back then I was really into my outsider art but I was completely unaware that he had turned his artworks into architecture. The house complex are live in and cannot be be visited but we watch a film in the café whilst eating Viennese cake specialities and drinking tea from a Klimt mug <3
I love his philosophy that straight line are godless and immoral and his belief in integrating nature into urban living, there is more than 200 trees and shrubs on the balconies and roof terraces.
Anyone who lives in the Hundertwasser House also has the right to decorate the façade around the windows entirely to their own taste. The Village is heaven for tourist souvenirs, funky toilets and cafes..all done in his surrealist uneven floors and colourful tiling. I did not want to live as any architect that favour colour, unmatching, univeness and nature over straight lines is my hero ...

 photo IMG_1196.jpg

 photo IMG_1197.jpg

 photo IMG_1199.jpg

 photo IMG_1200.jpg

 photo IMG_1203.jpg

 photo IMG_1207.jpg

 photo IMG_1208.jpg

 photo IMG_1209.jpg

 photo IMG_1210.jpg

 photo IMG_1211.jpg

 photo IMG_1215.jpg

 photo IMG_1216.jpg

 photo IMG_1218.jpg

 photo IMG_1221.jpg

 photo IMG_1222.jpg

 photo IMG_1223.jpg

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 photo IMG_1234.jpg

 photo IMG_1236.jpg

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 photo IMG_1242.jpg

 photo IMG_1243.jpg

 photo IMG_1245.jpg
the cafe :)
 photo IMG_1248.jpg

 photo IMG_1251.jpg

 photo IMG_1253.jpg