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Vienna Day 1 : The Imperial Crypt - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Vienna Day 1 : The Imperial Crypt [Apr. 12th, 2017|06:44 pm]
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Friday 7th April: Vienna Day 1 : The Imperial Crypt

Tried to shrink the amount of photos I took there , not easy when you are in a place filled with ridiculously ornate rococo coffins with amazing details. Especially a certain beautiful skull that grace the cover of the The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud album. The crypt is filled with members of Austria’s former Habsburg dynasty, 105 elaborate sarcoforgi and the resting place of Empress Sissi. The size and amount of details on those bronze coffins were just spectacular

 photo IMG_1047.jpg

 photo IMG_1051.jpg

 photo IMG_1052.jpg

 photo IMG_1053.jpg
 photo IMG_1054.jpg
 photo IMG_1055.jpg
 photo IMG_1057.jpg
 photo IMG_1061.jpg
 photo IMG_1062.jpg
 photo IMG_1065.jpg
 photo IMG_1067.jpg
 photo IMG_1068.jpg
 photo IMG_1070.jpg
 photo IMG_1071.jpg
 photo IMG_1073.jpg
 photo IMG_1074.jpg
 photo IMG_1075.jpg
 photo IMG_1076.jpg
 photo IMG_1077.jpg

 photo IMG_1081.jpg

 photo IMG_1082.jpg

 photo IMG_1084.jpg
 photo IMG_1085.jpg
 photo IMG_1089.jpg
 photo IMG_1091.jpg
 photo IMG_1092.jpg
 photo IMG_1093.jpg
 photo IMG_1095.jpg
 photo IMG_1097.jpg
 photo IMG_1099.jpg
 photo IMG_1100.jpg
 photo IMG_1103.jpg
 photo IMG_1106.jpg
 photo IMG_1111.jpg