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Chris Riddell Toilet: Jubiloo - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chris Riddell Toilet: Jubiloo [Mar. 31st, 2017|06:42 pm]
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Sunday 26 March: Chris Riddell Toilet: Jubiloo

Success we found and visited the portaloo decorated by Chris Riddell in a little Norfolk village church (Rockland St Peters). We really are silly fans of his but it kind of was in the way to simon parents for mother day lunch too ; )
Most amusing was a few days befoe when simon had to phone the church warden..A to be sure we are the rigght place and B- it would be open...he was lovely and said it would unlock it that morning.

 photo IMG_0837.jpg

 photo IMG_0817.jpg

 photo IMG_0818.jpg

 photo IMG_0822.jpg

 photo IMG_0823.jpg

 photo IMG_0824.jpg

 photo IMG_0825.jpg

 photo IMG_0827.jpg

 photo IMG_0828.jpg

 photo IMG_0829.jpg

 photo IMG_0830.jpg

 photo IMG_0831.jpg

 photo IMG_0833.jpg

 photo IMG_0839.jpg

 photo IMG_0841.jpg

 photo IMG_0842.jpg

 photo IMG_0843.jpg

 photo IMG_0844.jpg