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Minerva 50th Birthday Party - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Minerva 50th Birthday Party [Mar. 31st, 2017|05:15 pm]
Friday 24 March Minerva 50th Birthday Party
Pearly Queen cake with edible lace, Victorians, Tweeds, Goths, Librarians, Chaps & Chapettes...a fun night in Herne Hill to help Minerva celebrate her birthday

 photo IMG_0623.jpg

 photo IMG_0624.jpg

 photo IMG_0626.jpg

 photo IMG_0627.jpg
edible lace :)
 photo IMG_0630.jpg

 photo IMG_0632.jpg

 photo IMG_0636.jpg

 photo IMG_0640.jpg

 photo IMG_0643.jpg

 photo IMG_0644.jpg

 photo IMG_0645.jpg

 photo IMG_0647.jpg
 photo IMG_0648.jpg
with birthday girl :)
 photo IMG_0650.jpg
friends from my last library :)
 photo IMG_0652.jpg
 photo IMG_0654.jpg
 photo IMG_0655.jpg
 photo IMG_0658.jpg
 photo IMG_0659.jpg
 photo IMG_0660.jpg
 photo IMG_0662.jpg
 photo IMG_0663.jpg
 photo IMG_0665.jpg