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Dryad, Green Man & Forest Fairy Ball - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dryad, Green Man & Forest Fairy Ball [Mar. 14th, 2017|12:29 pm]
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Saturday 11 March: Dryad, Green Man & Forest Fairy Ball

Once again a fun and fabulous event, this time the Dryad, Green Man & Forest Fairy Ball + Faery Fayre created a sea of foliage’s and greeneries. At the last ball the floor was left with an array of feathers, I imagine this one it was leaves. The Professor Elemental as always entertained us with his steampunk tea rapping, with extra little surprises in his new oh la la disco outfit (and his EU jacket filled my little heart). Great to discover Harmony Glen and I did love their Rammstein cover. I always have so much fun at the ball, always go too fast, always too late when I think I should have taken more photos, did not caught everyone beautiful creations…I am impressed that big concoction I created to balance on my head lasted all night, it was surprising light and survived all my bouncing and dancing at the front and most importantly fitted through doorways. Although spending last night dismantling made me remember how much bits i had attached...shame the garden not looking as healthy as the sofa
Cannot wait to hear what exciting theme it will be for the next one

 photo IMG_0535.jpg

the green man
 photo IMG_0419.jpg
 photo IMG_0420.jpg
the autumn  forest fairy
 photo IMG_0421.jpg
 photo IMG_0422.jpg
 photo IMG_0423.jpg
 photo IMG_0424.jpg
 photo IMG_0425.jpg
 photo IMG_0426.jpg

a normal sight in glastonbury
 photo IMG_0427.jpg
 photo IMG_0428.jpg

 photo IMG_0429.jpg
 photo IMG_0431.jpg
 photo IMG_0432.jpg
 photo IMG_0433.jpg
 photo IMG_0434.jpg
 photo IMG_0435.jpg
 photo IMG_0436.jpg
 photo IMG_0438.jpg
 photo IMG_0439.jpg
 photo IMG_0440.jpg
 photo IMG_0442.jpg
 photo IMG_0443.jpg
 photo IMG_0445.jpg
 photo IMG_0448.jpg
 photo IMG_0450.jpg
 photo IMG_0451.jpg
 photo IMG_0453.jpg
 photo IMG_0454.jpg
 photo IMG_0458.jpg
 photo IMG_0459.jpg
 photo IMG_0461.jpg
 photo IMG_0464.jpg
 photo IMG_0467.jpg
 photo IMG_0470.jpg
 photo IMG_0471.jpg
 photo IMG_0472.jpg
 photo IMG_0473.jpg

 photo IMG_0475.jpg
 photo IMG_0476.jpg
 photo IMG_0477.jpg
 photo IMG_0478.jpg
 photo IMG_0480.jpg
 photo IMG_0481.jpg
 photo IMG_0483.jpg
 photo IMG_0484.jpg
 photo IMG_0485.jpg
 photo IMG_0486.jpg
 photo IMG_0488.jpg
 photo IMG_0490.jpg
 photo IMG_0491.jpg
 photo IMG_0492.jpg
 photo IMG_0493.jpg
 photo IMG_0494.jpg
 photo IMG_0495.jpg
 photo IMG_0496.jpg
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 photo IMG_0516.jpg
 photo IMG_0520.jpg
 photo IMG_0521.jpg
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 photo IMG_0527.jpg
 photo IMG_0528.jpg
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 photo IMG_0530.jpg
 photo IMG_0531.jpg
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 photo IMG_0534.jpg
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 photo IMG_0536.jpg
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 photo IMG_0539.jpg
 photo IMG_0546.jpg