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Faery Markets and Glastonbury - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Faery Markets and Glastonbury [Mar. 14th, 2017|12:16 pm]

Saturday 11 March: Faery Markets and Glastonbury

Decided to be colourful pixie today for the fairy market, ususal amazing array of arts and shopping...so many shops and friends to chat by always go so fast...more goth clothes and accessories in glastonbury than camden..returned with new horns, new dress, various bits of jewelleries, things to add to creations, lots of art prints and cards, books (the library was for once open and having a sale) linda stuff and a new hat for simon birthday with chicken feet coming out of it !!!

 photo IMG_0414.jpg

 photo IMG_0376.jpg

 photo IMG_0377.jpg

 photo IMG_0378.jpg

 photo IMG_0379.jpg

 photo IMG_0380.jpg
 photo IMG_0381.jpg

 photo IMG_0382.jpg
too much choice
 photo IMG_0383.jpg

 photo IMG_0384.jpg
a julian :)
 photo IMG_0386.jpg
 photo IMG_0387.jpg
 photo IMG_0388.jpg
 photo IMG_0389.jpg
 photo IMG_0392.jpg
 photo IMG_0393.jpg
 photo IMG_0394.jpg
 photo IMG_0396.jpg
 photo IMG_0398.jpg
 photo IMG_0399.jpg
 photo IMG_0400.jpg
 photo IMG_0401.jpg
 photo IMG_0402.jpg
 photo IMG_0403.jpg
 photo IMG_0405.jpg
 photo IMG_0406.jpg
 photo IMG_0407.jpg
 photo IMG_0408.jpg
 photo IMG_0409.jpg
 photo IMG_0412.jpg
 photo IMG_0413.jpg

 photo IMG_0415.jpg
 photo IMG_0417.jpg