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Off to Glastonbury - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Off to Glastonbury [Mar. 14th, 2017|12:06 pm]
Friday 10 March: off to Glastonbury

On Friday we left a bit later than usual as I had a medical appointment, we also went via Bristol to drop Nadia off and I did my driving practice done on the M4 .
For the first time in ages we didn’t stay in Covenstead (booking mixed up as it recently changed hands) but we got a lovely airbnb. Being Glastonbury she happen to be a friend of Adele and the house full of esoterica and two cute dogs called Louis and Pagan and a black cat. Also great location on top of the high street.
We got there as the shops were closing but luckily Linda was still in her gallery and told us of plans all eat at Gigi so went to G&P and catch up with various peeps then onto gigi and later we all popped by the soon to be open new shop to see a beautiful carved mirror john had made for Linda and she showed us all the amazing work they have been doing upstairs turning it into a lovely home.

 photo 17190769_10154119452471548_5496241517905428710_n.jpg

lovely doorknob on our bnb
 photo 17103641_10154119452631548_1678054805379087356_n.jpg

 photo 17201407_10154119452571548_6390491568876937503_n.jpg

 photo 17191437_10154121775781548_768818406135359949_n.jpg

 photo 17201459_10154121776131548_3806077117532459912_n.jpg

 photo 17203220_10154121776201548_3020036216236862984_n.jpg
with terry english <3
 photo 17265064_10154121775516548_8180989911580234886_n.jpg

 photo 17191258_10154121775676548_3148187871729590538_n.jpg

amazing miroir
 photo t.jpg
 photo 17201291_10154121775946548_9073074549673615654_n.jpg