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Osnabrück Medieval Fair - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Osnabrück Medieval Fair [Mar. 9th, 2017|07:12 pm]
Sunday 5 March: Osnabrück Medieval Fair

That friday night and Saturday were cancelled ...Not quite what I had in mind whilst visiting friends abroad ..horrible tummy bug, sick pretty much all night and feeling like an achey zombie all day, so our plans to go clubbing in some german forest was canceled as i could hardly leave the sofa or eat.
On the Sunday felt a bit less nauseous and managed a piece of toast (just about) so we went to a fun little Medieval Market in Osnabrück and they had a Miroque stall so got a few cds including the new Omnia
On Monday felt unwell again so pretty much relaxed on sofa till it was time to drive us to the airport... super thanks to our lovely host Marcia and her 3 beautiful daughters :) especially for looking after me .

 photo IMG_0363.jpg

 photo IMG_0352.jpg

 photo IMG_0349.jpg

 photo IMG_0354.jpg

fab outfit
 photo IMG_0356.jpg

 photo IMG_0358.jpg

 photo IMG_0359.jpg

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 photo IMG_0368.jpg
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