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Externsteine [Mar. 9th, 2017|06:25 pm]

Friday 3 March: Externsteine (German Stonehenge)

Pagan sacred site of strange rock formations with some medieval reliefs and quite a fascinating history. Quite majestic and big as you approach, I love it that you can climb on them and look inhabited with their caves and windows. Apparently they do lots of interesting events there, especially for the solstice and a perfect excuse to wear my new fabulous birthday hat knitted by Paul.
 photo IMG_0340.jpg

what a surprise as you arrive..i had seen photos when i plotted what i wanted to visit but still whoaa

 photo IMG_0295.jpg
with hat :)
 photo IMG_0297.jpg

 photo IMG_0300.jpg
and you can climb!!!
 photo IMG_0302.jpg

 photo IMG_0305.jpg

 photo IMG_0309.jpg

 photo IMG_0311.jpg
 photo IMG_0312.jpg

 photo IMG_0316.jpg

 photo IMG_0317.jpg

 photo IMG_0318.jpg

 photo IMG_0319.jpg

 photo IMG_0322.jpg

 photo IMG_0324.jpg

 photo IMG_0328.jpg

 photo IMG_0330.jpg

 photo IMG_0335.jpg

 photo IMG_0339.jpg

little balad in the forest
 photo IMG_0343.jpg

 photo IMG_0348.jpg