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Wewelsburg Castle: a place very dark in both its history and it's occult history. - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wewelsburg Castle: a place very dark in both its history and it's occult history. [Mar. 9th, 2017|06:01 pm]

Friday 3 March: Wewelsburg Castle: a place very dark in both its history and it's occult history.

Wewelsburg Castle, One of this place I wanted to visit as a mysterious pseudo-religious sanctum but also uncertain due to its very dark cruel recent history. Due to Himmler setting fire to its inside at the end of the war, little is left of "his castle turned occult training centre" but the North Tower. Consisting of the Crypt/Vault, where he was known to have run lots of the rituals, quite a chilly and dark place to visit with a pit for the eternal flame, swastika adorned ceiling and some commemoration paintings (no photos allowed so added the odd online ones) and the Hall just above is similar but with a sun wheel embedded in the floor (mostly cover in coloured bean bags), both rooms have twelve pedestals, twelve pillars…
I was not sure what to expect having read some overly exaggerated articles calling it “Naziland” in between other descriptions (why am I surprised from such horrible newspaper rags) but our visit was quite different. The main section inside the castle is the Historical Museum of the Bishopric of Paderborn, so some very nice religious icons, armours, furniture, local stuffs and a Witch cellar where they still have the shackle in the crypt and the rope they hang them from in that tower. The castle itself has a very interesting triangle shape and imposing. We started to assume maybe the "north tower" i read about was not open to the public but then in an adjacent building there is a permanent exhibition on "Ideology and terror of the SS", (limited if like me have no German), mostly documents and some memorabilia, from that section you can access the north tower. Until that bit, there was very little information on the more “occult past “of the castle (one case in the exhibit), so quite under played and more a local historical museum in a castle with a very bloody and troublesome past. Still very fascinating.

 photo IMG_0293.jpg

 photo IMG_0287.jpg

the imposing outside
 photo IMG_0241.jpg

 photo IMG_0242.jpg

 photo IMG_0243.jpg

 photo IMG_0244.jpg

the main museum
 liked some of the paintings in there
 photo IMG_0245.jpg

 photo IMG_0246.jpg

 photo IMG_0248.jpg

 photo IMG_0249.jpg
canon to play with
 photo IMG_0253.jpg

 photo IMG_0254.jpg

 photo IMG_0255.jpg

 photo IMG_0256.jpg

 photo IMG_0257.jpg

 photo IMG_0258.jpg
loved those
 photo IMG_0259.jpg

 photo IMG_0260.jpg

 photo IMG_0261.jpg

 photo IMG_0263.jpg

 photo IMG_0265.jpg

 photo IMG_0266.jpg
witch cellar
 photo IMG_0268.jpg

 photo IMG_0269.jpg

 photo IMG_0270.jpg

 photo IMG_0274.jpg

 photo IMG_0277.jpg

 photo IMG_0280.jpg

we then finally found the correct way so pop to the crypt first before retracing out step and checking the exhibition on SS history as we though the little one might be castle out by then.
 photo IMG_0281.jpg

bits from the SS museum
 photo IMG_0283.jpg
 photo IMG_0284.jpg
 photo IMG_0285.jpg
 photo IMG_0286.jpg

crypt photos from google images
 photo article-0-0925FA2B000005DC-741_634x384.jpg

 photo 2F8135BB00000578-3366926-image-a-56_1450531628188.jpg
from above in the hall

trying to find how to access the North Tower we got a peek at the hall
 photo IMG_0276.jpg
from google images, without bean bags
 photo NorthTower.jpg

 photo wewelsburg-castle-pagan-black-sun.jpg