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Birthday Party at Exit the Grey - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Birthday Party at Exit the Grey [Mar. 1st, 2017|12:05 pm]
Friday 24 February: Birthday Party at Exit the Grey

This week had pretty much been cancelled as down with horrible massive cold but unable to miss work so lots of early night and night nurse. At least i took friday off to rest and feel myself with vitamin C so i could have a great fun night to celebrate my upcoming birthday.
Vicky was running a new club night Exit the Grey, so it worked perfectly being easy to get to (kings Cross), early start and free (7pm so friends could come from work, pop for a bit or come later on), great music, a cool basement venue ...worked perfectly to celebrate this year.
That afternoon i made some new hair bit to try (in between feeling rotten and headachy) and style an old wig a new ways, very happy with the result and it stayed on !!!! I am not sure that turning 42 is the answer to the Universe and Everything but it was definitely a lot of fun and I "kind of" discover my limit to what i should drink. The end is a bit blurry and the next day "sore"
Plans to take photos of everyone failed as always as it got super busy and i turned into my usual malibu filled manic chatterbox "i kind of recall".
Thanks to everyone that came along, all the wonderful presents and wishes..i feel super loved .

 photo IMG_0117.jpg

 photo IMG_0118.jpg
latest hait invention
 photo IMG_0119.jpg

 photo IMG_0120.jpg
paul knitted me a new hat :) modelled by rob
 photo IMG_0121.jpg

 photo IMG_0123.jpg

 photo IMG_0124.jpg

 photo IMG_0125.jpg

 photo IMG_0126.jpg

 photo IMG_0127.jpg

 photo IMG_0128.jpg

 photo IMG_0129.jpg
lots of homemade gift :)
 photo IMG_0130.jpg

 photo IMG_0131.jpg

 photo IMG_0132.jpg

 photo IMG_0134.jpg

 photo IMG_0135.jpg

 photo IMG_0136.jpg

 photo IMG_0137.jpg

 photo IMG_0138.jpg

 photo IMG_0140.jpg

 photo IMG_0141.jpg

 photo IMG_0142.jpg

 photo IMG_0143.jpg

 photo IMG_0144.jpg

 photo IMG_0147.jpg

 photo IMG_0148.jpg

 photo IMG_0151.jpg

 photo IMG_0152.jpg

 photo IMG_0153.jpg

 photo IMG_0154.jpg

 photo IMG_0156.jpg

 photo IMG_0160.jpg

 photo IMG_0164.jpg

 photo IMG_0167.jpg

 photo 16939386_10154366992437957_655975003035196306_n.jpg

 photo 16998930_10154366991687957_4599511039292278129_n.jpg

 photo 16939534_10154366994907957_2732393390383941362_n.jpg

 photo 16806716_10154366993737957_6443166898225441185_n.jpg

 photo 16998740_10154366993112957_8391470193313761131_n.jpg