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Sol Invictus - The English Dead (with Simon Satori) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sol Invictus - The English Dead (with Simon Satori) [Feb. 16th, 2017|04:29 pm]
You can hear the latest project/song for which Simon Satori joined Sol Invictus :) Out now as a vinyl
Great review from Looney runes:
:Since long years I find it to be among the greatest things in Neofolk each time again, when Tony Wakeford comes along with one of his alternative national anthems.
Now he did one of these for the "Ghostly Whistlings" mini album by (which is sold out already, as far as I can see, but is to be found on bandcamp for the belated).
For the Sol Invictus contribution "The English Dead" Tony decided to hand over the microphone to Simon Satori, who was the singer of the more traditional goth rockers Rome Burns back in the day.
Simon's voice is special, surely one to like or not to like. To my ears he is sounding just perfect for the glorious lyrics and the sinister melodies of this song.
Despite not singing the lead vocals Tony is very present here, too - not only with his archetypical guitar shrumming, but also with some mighty backing growls.