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EU Rally [Feb. 7th, 2017|08:23 pm]
Saturday 4 February: EU Rally

That morning met with a few friends to go and protest outside Downing street. This was a smaller scale EU rally , mostly to advertise the big March 25 March for Europe, keep the momentum and  this rally was also ater joined by an anti trump one (massive in numbers). Those have been happening daily.
Shame the pa were quite bad as it was hard to hear the speeches but it was a very relax demo, hopefully this constant pressure will have a little impact to our couln't care less dictator of a PM, but everything helps. Afterward we all went to a pub with yummy thai food ...sadly too tired after being in the cold for so long to make it to silvia birthday party...

 photo 15965505_10154034250261548_3515540266655554967_n.jpg

 photo 16387078_10154034104941548_6538172504542635543_n.jpg

 photo 16406460_10154034250791548_6596512675111146687_n.jpg
sophie playing with apps :)
 photo 16472823_589862054550282_2074161672276154106_n.jpg

 photo 16473408_10154034104906548_7454641576763620073_n.jpg

 photo 16508775_10154034104971548_2516226358780708156_n.jpg

 photo 16473834_10154034250506548_6358999387155283876_n.jpg

 photo 16508428_10154034249871548_4920407774262149840_n.jpg

 photo 16387419_10154034105066548_303503329409841287_n.jpg