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Gigi Birthday [Feb. 7th, 2017|08:12 pm]
Saturday 28 January: Gigi Birthday

Gigi birthday brunch at Bronte in Trafalgar square. Made pretty flowers in paper and ate posh breakfast ...a great day with friends :)

 photo 16387223_10154017634731548_8149308087042989467_n.jpg

 photo 16195593_10154017634896548_4769967510694623093_n.jpg

 photo 16265341_10154017634596548_4888558729892204676_n.jpg

 photo 16265389_10154017634651548_4415754075731518141_n.jpg

 photo 13438785_10154017635036548_4008537028199804148_n.jpg

 photo 16266259_10154017634971548_3784953481612139458_n.jpg
 photo 16265533_10154017635101548_7522999496616102160_n.jpg