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Last day in Marrakesh - MorbidFrog — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Last day in Marrakesh [Jan. 31st, 2017|05:56 pm]
Sunday 15 January: Marrakesh Day 4 : Marjorelle Gardens, Bahia Palace & Dinner in a Palace

We are obviously getting more used to the hassle as that day was quite smooth, thanks to the tip from our riad guys we even managed to take a local bus to get to the Marjorelle Gardens, beautifully restored by Yves St Laurent. The first time ever had to queue but it was so tranquil and those blues ...
On way back to the bus we even found a supermarket, so brought back some teas, spices and food for the journey back.
The new town definitely a lot quieter hassle wise than Medina.
Marjorelle Gardens

 photo IMG_9476.jpg

 photo IMG_9478.jpg

 photo IMG_9482.jpg
marjorelle blue
 photo IMG_9485.jpg

 photo IMG_9488.jpg

 photo IMG_9489.jpg

 photo IMG_9493.jpg
Yves st laurent memorial
 photo IMG_9495.jpg

 photo IMG_9496.jpg

 photo IMG_9498.jpg
cats of course
 photo IMG_9503.jpg

 photo IMG_9507.jpg

 photo IMG_9508.jpg

 photo IMG_9513.jpg

 photo IMG_9515.jpg

 photo IMG_9518.jpg
the guides were friendly and even offered to take photos :)

 photo IMG_9524.jpg

 photo IMG_9527.jpg

 photo IMG_9528.jpg
For lunch we decided to go astray from more traditional Morrocan food to try the recommended vegan earth cafe... That beetroot and ginger juice was ♡♡♡ and lots of pumpkin based stuff
 photo IMG_9529.jpg

 photo IMG_9530.jpg
Afternoon was spent in Bahia Palace . What an explosion of gorgeous carved and painted ceilings. Courtyards and of course cats wandering around. Loved it ..i think of of my favorite visit . What is insane..in the streets they try selling you teapots of ridiculous amounts and entry to a palace is £1 !!!!!!!

and of course full of cats
 photo IMG_9534.jpg

the ceilings ..omg
 photo IMG_9540.jpg

 photo IMG_9543.jpg
lovd all he details..it was hard minimalising the photos
 photo IMG_9545.jpg

 photo IMG_9546.jpg

 photo IMG_9547.jpg

 photo IMG_9548.jpg

 photo IMG_9552.jpg

 photo IMG_9558.jpg

 photo IMG_9559.jpg

 photo IMG_9563.jpg
lots of different courtyards and gardens
 photo IMG_9567.jpg

 photo IMG_9568.jpg

 photo IMG_9569.jpg

 photo IMG_9576.jpg

 photo IMG_9580.jpg

 photo IMG_9581.jpg

 photo IMG_9583.jpg

 photo IMG_9584.jpg

 photo IMG_9587.jpg

 photo IMG_9590.jpg

 photo IMG_9592.jpg

 photo IMG_9596.jpg

 photo IMG_9600.jpg

 photo IMG_9606.jpg

One set of streets i really liked and wish i had discover on the first day off  the Main square were Zitoune Kdim…it was a lot less pushy, more tourist friendly, lots of Riads, nice looking restaurant and cafes, places to book trip away and lots of fabulous doors

 photo IMG_9610.jpg

Sadly coming to our last day..so after our usual little  favorite mint tea terrasse on the main square we went back to Zitoune Kdim street to have our Anniversary meal in an old palace, it was recommended by a friends and what a decor!!!!! weirdly it was completely empty  so we had the place for ourselves. Last yummy tagine and couscous ...considering the decor..it was very good value as under a tenner  for a lovely portion... Dar Mimoun

 photo IMG_9616.jpg

 photo IMG_9617.jpg

 photo IMG_9618.jpg

 photo IMG_9621.jpg

 photo IMG_9624.jpg

 photo IMG_9627.jpg

 photo IMG_9628.jpg

 photo IMG_9629.jpg

 photo IMG_9634.jpg
Last evening in Marrakesh and decided to spend it in our favorite place ..our Riad...where the guys found us some wine and we played games ....ready to catch our plane in the morning

Not sure what to make of Marrakesh...i loved the food, the sunshine, the arts, the places i visited, the Riads, the colours, the cats, the mint teas but i hated the stress walking the streets, everyone trying to con you constantly, the hawkers, the being shouted at , mostly the unability to just walk about without any hassle.
Not a place i would rush back, but in some ways also perfect for a little weekend break... it was my first experience of North Africa so i still have so much more to visit but it definately made me appreciate the easiness of my usual european trips and I missed the smiliness of asia .

 photo IMG_9635.jpg