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Marrakesh Day 3

Saturday 14 January:Ourika Valley Waterfall excursion, Berber Houses, Cats, Camels, Night Market and evening swim.

Today we went on a mini adventure in the Atlas Mountain precisely in the Ourika valley. It was a bit of mystery tour for us, as to avoid booking in town I asked our Riad to book it for us (and the price match my research) but i didn't realised there was 2 waterfalls. My own fault for just saying waterfall rather than the specific name (was planning to see Ouzoud..the tallest one in Africa) . Quite different to my plan but it ended up being a lovely out of the mayhem of the city.

First stop was at the start of the valley for those wanting to ride a camel, by the road !! no thanks!! Not exactly atmospheric…

 photo IMG_9292.jpg

at least saw some rural life
 photo IMG_9293.jpg

 photo IMG_9296.jpg

 photo IMG_9299.jpg

 photo IMG_9301.jpg

Little stop in Berber village and see how argan oil is made, no intention of buying any.  I know it is a lovely product but I am more coconut oil kind of girl, but they were not too pushy for once and nice to try different things made by it. Also being in a group you did not feel targeted

 photo IMG_9304.jpg

 photo IMG_9306.jpg
ready for us :)

 photo IMG_9308.jpg
the shop

 photo IMG_9309.jpg

 photo IMG_9315.jpg

Then the climb started, it was beautiful and all the restaurants that sat on the riverbanks then as you went up more of them alongside the stream..super colourful with mixed match sofas and throws..i wanted to stay there and absorb it..but sadly it was climbing time…and no rest…it went from pretty camp to mountain rocks…

 photo IMG_9318.jpg

 photo IMG_9319.jpg

 photo IMG_9320.jpg

 photo IMG_9323.jpg

 photo IMG_9324.jpg

 photo IMG_9327.jpg

Starting to see snow on the Atlas Mountain

 photo IMG_9328.jpg

 photo IMG_9331.jpg

Quite a climb
 photo IMG_9333.jpg

 photo IMG_9335.jpg

 photo IMG_9339.jpg

 photo IMG_9341.jpg

staring to see the waterfall

 photo IMG_9346.jpg

 photo IMG_9349.jpg

but even in the middle of the mountain there is always cats and mint tea available.

 photo IMG_9351.jpg

 photo IMG_9353.jpg

 photo IMG_9354.jpg

 photo IMG_9356.jpg

like that shot
 photo IMG_9355.jpg
We lost some of our group there and did the final bit. We felt like mountain goats but it was worth it at the end we dipped our feet in the coldest water ever (silly me had packed our bikinis in the bag just in case…our feet turned blue)

 photo IMG_9361.jpg

 photo IMG_9365.jpg

 photo IMG_9368.jpg

and back down
 photo IMG_9371.jpg

 photo IMG_9372.jpg

In the usual organised trip style they drop you at the resto they chose…which is a shame as I wanted one of the pretty colourful ones, but we got the plastic chairs, still great as feet’s in the rivers and there was lot sand lots of cats and usual yummy food .

 photo IMG_9373.jpg

 photo IMG_9378.jpg

 photo IMG_9379.jpg

 photo IMG_9382.jpg

 photo IMG_9388.jpg

 photo IMG_9396.jpg

 photo IMG_9398.jpg

 photo IMG_9401.jpg

 photo IMG_9402.jpg

 photo IMG_9404.jpg

 photo IMG_9407.jpg

Last stop was a Berber house and learning lot more on that side and how they lived (also a cute cat following us) and there they just have a donation box. Which I like so much more.

 photo IMG_9410.jpg

 photo IMG_9411.jpg

 photo IMG_9413.jpg

 photo IMG_9417.jpg
cat is in the house and dog on the roof :)

 photo IMG_9418.jpg

 photo IMG_9423.jpg
Back in the hubbub of Marrakech and we even grabbed the courage to eat in the night market…going through is like being molested, grabbed, shouted…mayhem as all want to get you to seat at their table. Confused and shocked we loved the last stand approach. As he called it the soft approach…pretty much told us all sell same and same price. Even able to look at the food and prices without screaming so sat there and it was delicious…like Moroccan tapas.

cool little alleyway

 photo IMG_9424.jpg

 photo IMG_9426.jpg

 photo IMG_9427.jpg

 photo IMG_9429.jpg

 photo IMG_9430.jpg

Dinner in Night Market
 photo IMG_9431.jpg

That beautiful pool been taunting us since we arrived sadly despite the beautiful sunshine, morning and evening temp do drop to single figure. Gave in last night at around 10 pm ...even for me it was too cold to stay in too long but had to try  :)
 photo IMG_9436.jpg

 photo IMG_9437.jpg

 photo IMG_9450.jpg

 photo IMG_9454.jpg

 photo IMG_9460.jpg

 photo IMG_9468.jpg

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