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Marrakech Day 2 - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Marrakech Day 2 [Jan. 26th, 2017|05:42 pm]
Friday 13 January: Marrakech - Day 2 : Koutabia Mosque, The Saadian tombs, El Badi Palace, Cats, Storks and still managed to be ripped off by an Imam

That day we were ready to be strong, say NO and within 1 min leaving our Riad we got ripped off by an Imam!
To be honest he was a very nice guy, studied in Newscastle, he was the man responsible for waking us up at 5.30am everyday ( i do not mind that bit as very exotic..on a 4 days holiday)...however even a normal conversation on religion , explaining what event were happening that day (lots of blind women in our street) ..ended up in with come inside i will pass you a nice little map by he way opps here my charity shop...everyone give us stuff and you can buy it...we tried to escape offering donation in a box...but that didn't happen...in the end we picked a random ring in there...he pretended it was valuable, and we end up with some sort of grid system ..each making offer and then the haggling happen...as always started so high..we paid a lot for a crappy ring that broke same day...but it was for charity !!!!!!!!

few pics before stepping outside..trying exploring my inner exotic vibes :)

 photo IMG_9193.jpg
 photo IMG_9194.jpg
 photo IMG_9196.jpg

Around Koutabia Mosque, the largest one in marrakech and it's gardens. Bitter oranges on all the trees in the street (they are extremely bitter indeed ). Shame cannot visit mosque for non muslims

 photo IMG_9197.jpg
water seller
 photo IMG_9198.jpg

 photo IMG_9201.jpg
 gardens around it
 photo IMG_9202.jpg
 photo IMG_9204.jpg
 photo IMG_9205.jpg
 photo IMG_9207.jpg

The Saadian tombs

Date back from the time of the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur. The tombs were discovered in 1917 and were restored. Very colourful and some stunning details. Weird that the tourist stuff where you are the most at ease, entry a cheap £1, quiet and no one hassling you

 photo IMG_9210.jpg

 photo IMG_9212.jpg

 photo IMG_9213.jpg

 photo IMG_9215.jpg

 photo IMG_9219.jpg

 photo IMG_9220.jpg

 photo IMG_9221.jpg

 photo IMG_9224.jpg

 photo IMG_9226.jpg

 photo IMG_9227.jpg

 photo IMG_9228.jpg

We also went to a government run 'artisan' shopping centre where prices are fixed and hawkers are banned. It's not a 'real Morrocan' experience but it did allow us a bit of relaxing browsing of traditional crafts and the slightly-less-traditional Geiger-themed furniture before hitting those crazy scary labyrinthine streets again.

 photo IMG_9229.jpg

 photo IMG_9230.jpg

 photo IMG_9231.jpg

 photo IMG_9232.jpg

 photo IMG_9233.jpg

 photo IMG_9234.jpg
We then had another amazing lunch on some roof terrace,  the only way to escape..planning our route beforehand trying to go between the tombs and palace without too much hassle (crazy it comes to that but only way..sunglasses, look straight ahead, ignore and shout NO)

 photo IMG_9237.jpg
El Badi Palace

A ruined palace commissioned by the Arab Saadian sultan Ahmad al-Mansur, sometime shortly after his accession in 1578, After the fall of the Saadians and the rise of the Alaouite dynasty, the palace entered a period of rapid decline. Sultan Ismail Ibn Sharif stripped the building of its contents, building materials and decorations, to be used in the construction of his new palace in his new capital at Meknes

 photo IMG_9239.jpg
 photo IMG_9240.jpg

 photo IMG_9242.jpg

 photo IMG_9246.jpg

lots of storks
 photo IMG_9248.jpg
and sunken gardens
 photo IMG_9250.jpg

 photo IMG_9253.jpg

 photo IMG_9254.jpg

 photo IMG_9255.jpg

 photo IMG_9256.jpg

 photo IMG_9261.jpg

and cats...cats everywhere
 photo IMG_9263.jpg

 photo IMG_9264.jpg

 photo IMG_9265.jpg

 photo IMG_9266.jpg
 photo IMG_9267.jpg

 photo IMG_9271.jpg

 photo IMG_9272.jpg

 photo IMG_9275.jpg

 photo IMG_9276.jpg
more cats and roofs
 photo IMG_9278.jpg
pretty door in the streets
 photo IMG_9279.jpg

in the evening we returned to our Riad and they found us a lovely bottle of Maroccan wine . No idea from where but much appreciated.  we were trying to find energy to go back outside when they invited us to share their dinner and chat about their country. That aspect was so so nice .

 photo IMG_9281.jpg

 photo IMG_9282.jpg

 photo IMG_9283.jpg

 photo IMG_9287.jpg